Marketing Roll Out

We sweat the small stuff along with the big stuff

Our proprietary Grand Opening (or re-opening) marketing timeline is brimming with hundreds of critical-to-success items — everything needed for a great presentation — right down to the doormats.  We are happily meticulous.  So, whether you are just short of staff or short on time, or you would like our new home specialists on your team — we are there for you.

Our collaboration typically begins 9 to 12 months before Grand Opening so we can be organized and synchronized for this project roll out.

This is the Marketing Plan coming to life.

This is where your vision becomes reality.

This is when the customer begins to sign on the dotted line.

It doesn’t stop when the project is Grand Opened — the best jobs are continually re-invented, re-targeted with fresh, innovative messages and programs.

Ultimately, we create results that are tangible and of the highest quality. Through our efforts, developers and their customers meet their most important goals.

Our Capabilities.

When you partner with The Bernard Partnership, you get top-to-bottom, start-to-finish strategic expertise and dedication. We know this industry inside-out.
Where would you like us to start digging?