About The Bernard Partnership

Who We Are

People have told us that we’re not like anyone else. Maybe they’re just fluffing up our feathers, or maybe it’s true.  When we went into business in 1991, at the encouragement of an ad agency friend, it was because we thought that we might bring some new insight to homebuilders and developers looking for a marketing department. Now our track record for understanding the market, building the right product and collaborating on the marketing to create successful projects speaks for itself.

We place a high value upon the creative process, the client relationship, and the power of the collaborative approach to problem solving.

Our marketing expertise makes you look good and your projects sell faster and with higher profit margins.


Our aim. Our values

Our business is to help you create landmark new home communities — projects that are memorable and profitable. We provide insightful research and exceptional, well-targeted recommendations regarding site and land planning, community positioning, architectural design, pricing, theming and marketing strategies.

What support do you need?

  • Accurate & visionary marketing reports?
  • Customer-friendly street layouts?
  •  A knockout sales office?
  • A winning coach for your sales team?
  •  A liaison that links your architectural theme with your advertising components?

 Our mission is to help sell more homes and create value with both builders and consumers.


Our Capabilities.

When you partner with The Bernard Partnership, you get top-to-bottom, start-to-finish strategic expertise and dedication. We know this industry inside-out.
Where would you like us to start digging?